Security And Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Echelon Global’s Security & Surveillance product line delivers high performance, IP-based and Network-capable intelligent systems that take away complexity from customers; thanks to optimal computing, future proof design and minimized configuration steps. Echelon Global brings state-of-the-art security and surveillance technologies to customers, so they can focus on their core competencies.

Echelon Global’s Security & Surveillance portfolio delivers multiple security functions, that include vehicle license plates recognition, biometric face mapping, people and vehicles detection and tracking, and in general the intelligent association of permission rights and people or vehicles identification, to enhance indoors and outdoors security. Typical applications are access control in high-risk areas, territory control, access automation, toll collection systems, monitoring of public and private infrastructures.

With high performance hardware coupled with cutting-edge image analysis software, Echelon Global’s Security & Surveillance systems deliver fast data processing and accurate recognition for high-end efficiency and reliability. Access to images, data or video can be provided on traditional IT infrastructures or on Echelon Global’s Network Platform, streamlining the built of distributed architectures of any sophistication and complexity. By enabling multiple concurrent users, Echelon Global solutions are ideal for delocalized structures and territory control.

Thanks to the IP protection grade, to an extended operating temperature range and to built-in illuminators, outdoors devices can act in all light and weather conditions, while biometric face recognition systems stand out for compliance with ICAO standards and privacy constraints.