Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting practice focuses on two broad areas of concentration: Business Value Creation and Business-Systems Definition.

Our Business Value Creation (BVC) practice provides services to valuate technology businesses, formulate a new business strategy and creating an IT Strategy and Roadmap, which allows organizations who wish to create or streamline a new business niche.

The services provided, include:

  • Business Valuation for Technology Companies
  • Business / IT Strategy Formulation and Roadmap
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Technology Systems Selection and Design
  • Process Alignment and Automation

Our services come in packages that address the following:

  • Design and Development of Business Systems Architecture
  • End User Authentication Design
  • CRM, Contact Center, IVR and eBanking Services
  • Branchless and/or Mobile Banking
  • Payment and Transaction Systems (ATMs, Contact Centers, Bills, Credit/Debit/Pre-Paid Cards and Mobile)

Our Business Systems Definition (BSD) service focuses on the market missing need of having a knowledgeable ‘interface’ between business and technology, at companies that are planning to implement solutions and systems addressing their business vision.

The requirements that we have been presented over a long time, during our combined systems consulting and technology management experiences have taught us that most systems lose their delivery results in, what is called, ‘lost in translation’, modes of communication. What we offer organizations is that missing essential combination of in-depth cross-industry knowledge about business operations and needs, matched with a good understanding of customer requirements that can derive and extract the intrinsic value of the systems being implemented for the organization. With our years of experience in business process design and re-engineering, we work with our customers to question the business operations of organizations and simplify, streamline and automate the essential components of the process, while creating value in the systems deployment exercise and yet keeping the essential human checks in place to give effective control on the outcomes desired by business.

We work to document and define clearly the essential business and systems requirements so that the resultant development / deployment of the systems integration effort are well defined and accepted by the organization as a whole. We believe that this well-defined systems analysis based work-flow and process documentation is essential for the effective and acceptable deployment and take-up / utilization of any new system in any organization.

We work to question, understand, define and document:

  • Business and Systems Requirements
  • Development / Deployment / Systems Integration Plan
  • Systems Analysis and Definition
  • Business Work-Flow and Process Design
  • End-Point Security / Authorization Setup
  • Deployment and Systems Acceptance

We specialize in the areas of:

  • ERP and Retail Management Systems (RMS) and Services
  • BI / DW / CRM – Business Analysis and Data Mapping
  • Customers Engagement and Management
  • CC and IVR – Design, Development and Deployment
  • Branchless and/or Mobile Banking
  • Payment and Transaction Systems (ATMs, Contact Centers, Bills, Credit/Debit/Pre-Paid Cards and Mobile)
  • End-Point Security and Multi-Factor Authentication System