Project and Portfolio Management

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Our project and portfolio management service is based on our extensive experience of planning, executing, controlling and managing various technology systems projects and programs over the past 15 years in the local and regional market. We use the PMI's Project Management methodology to develop plans, procedures and relevant KPI management tools to keep projects strictly controlled in terms of its parameters of time, cost and quality.

It has been proven, time and again, that both the implementation vendor(s) and the initiating organization are both generally biased towards the need for correct reporting of the project status. It has been seen that people and organizations hide behind accusations and counter-arguments for the un-timely completion or undesired work results of project assignments. This essentially limits the overall progress on projects and leads to an environment of ill trust, negatively affecting the outcome of the project.

In these scenarios, it is pertinent to have an independent company, hired by and reporting directly to the top management of the organization, to oversee and manage the activities of the two essential group of people – the organization' internal technology and business management personnel, and the project/portfolio relative solution implementation vendors. This ensures an unbiased and true picture of the project status at all times and pushes the management to take corrective action so that all project deliverables, with respect to time, cost and quality are correctly and successfully completed.

As an independent watchdog on projects/portfolios, we provide services in the following areas:

  • Project Discovery and Recovery
  • Project and/or Portfolio Planning
  • Project and/or Portfolio Implementation Management
  • Project and/or Portfolio Monitoring and Control

We work to be a true confidant of the organizations management with respect to any and all projects relevant to the assignment and guide the management and the project teams in the direction of achieving business focus results.